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 Tribute Items

Help the Gardens grow!

 Thank you for supporting Denver Botanic Gardens with your gift to dedicate a paver, tree, bench, or Celebration Garden. 

Use the form below to order a Red Paver Brick or a Bronze Paver. If you are making a gift in memory or honor of an individual and do not wish to dedicate a paver, please follow this link to visit our general donation page.

Please review these guidelines for engraving a paver. 

  • Your personalized message can contain 3 lines of text with up to 14 characters per line, including punctuation, spaces, numerals, ampersands and hearts
  • We regret that we cannot engrave life span dates; however, a singular date of significance is welcome 
  • Paver requests received after September 1 will be installed in the spring of the following year.

Denver Botanic Gardens is a living museum. Due to the changing nature of our landscape and the effect of the elements, dedications may experience various degrees of weathering and wear. The length of a dedication is 10 years. Red brick paver's dedication length is 5 years. During these years if your tribute item needs to be replaced we will endeavor to replace it in the same location or another location as needed.

Benches - Trees - Celebration Gardens  

 To ensure the dedication of your choice for benches, trees and Celebration Gardens please contact Rob Price at 720-865-3528.

A paver can be ordered using the form below. You may also make a general tribute gift by clicking the bottom button and entering a custom gift amount.

Donation Information
Select type of paver, or another gift amount
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Tribute Information
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